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[Location: Mankanshuko's residence; Time: 10:00 PM]

    After the day has long since been done Sora was seen sleeping in the hallway like last time, except this time he was right next to Ryuko's door; like he knows exactly what going to happen next. He saw that no one was coming this way so he thought they learned their lesson now and decided to crash, only to hear some crashing inside of her room followed by some screaming "Fucking peeping toms!"

    "We're sorry…!" said the culprits who Sora already knows

    "What the-!" He blurted; he decided to poke his eye out the doorway as stealthily as possible to see the idiots without being accused of being in cahoots with them. He quickly diverted his attention away from Ryuko out of respect and peered at Bazaro and Mataro

    "I'll accept that apology…" they expressed how nice she was with a cheeky grin "…on the day you guys quit that for good…!" she then proceeds to stomp them in the teeth

    "Then for are case…" Bazaro started

    "…That means never…" Mataro finished

    As tempting as it was to defend them, or join in on the stomping for that matter, Sora thought "Serves them right" and returned to bed. "But I doubt they will ever truly learn from this mistake; maybe the approach, but never the moral itself… Bunch of dumbasses."

[Location: Homeroom for Sora and Ryuko; Time: 8:30AM (Day 3)]

    Aikuro was going over his teachings as per usual, save for either nighttime or the weekends. While Ryuko looked like she was half-way to falling asleep, Sora, surprisingly enough, was paying close attention to the lectures going on as he never once learned the history of another world; much less one quite like this one. Just as class was approximately half-way done, an explosion was heard from outside; it broke Sora from his focus and woke Ryuko up, and they both decided to head out to check on things (Sora particularly looking for clues as of heartless sightings) he saw nothing for the time being just as he returned to his seat the bell for dismissal rang and Aikuro stated "well, time's up anyway kids. See you tomorrow everyone…" As Ryuko started to walk by him he then whispered "especially you two…" which she responded by simply crushing his foot. It was virtually easy to tell he did not like that response one bit. Once Sora got his belongings together, Mako shouted "Hey Sora, want to eat lunch with me and Ryuko?"

    "Ah what the heck…" he muffled while smiling "It's just lunch, what could go wrong?"

    As he tried to catch up to the girl in the black sailor uniform, who was long gone by now, Heartless appeared right in front of him just as he predicted.

    "You know, I'm actually getting real tired of you guys." Before him there were 15 Shadows, four Darkballs, and two Neoshadows; all of which sporting the same red-eyed trait as the ones from before. Sora then began his attack on the red-eyed Heartless "and on my lunch date- err… I-I-I mean break, GAH!"

    "There's the creatures that took this school by storm." Aikuro said while looking through his binoculars "with eyes as red as the Life Fibers in Sora's garments. That much in mind, while not many for the time being, all fingers so far are all pointing towards your way Satsuki. So you better prepare to let your head roll one day."

    As the Darkballs prepared to Charge at Sora with a chomping attack, he was seen wiping out the Shadows much more efficiently than last time, just in time to dodge their chomping attacks and stab one in the head and then proceeds to use it as a hammer to destroy the other Darkballs before the one impaled by his Keyblade finally faded away itself. Then all that was left were the Neoshadows and they seemed to have already formulated an attack plan of some sorts while he was distracted.

    They were confident that they could take him without his Drive Forms, but they were naïve to think he had no access. Sora thought of taking Valor form as a test run of what Aikuro said the other day, and willpower behold, it works! With his Oblivion Keyblade in his offhand, he parried both of their attacks from both sides, made a high jump, and impaled them both through the heads.

    After Sora was done with that mess, he powered down, then questioned himself "Who keeps making and sending this breed of Heartless anyway? I better find a way to track them down before this gets out of hand later." After that he spotted Ryuko leaving the courtyard rather disgruntled about something and asked "hey, you okay? What happened?"

    "I got my ass handed to me, that's what happened!" she yelled

    "Well I've learned from personal experience that you can't win then all"

    "Oh wait! It gets even better!" Ryuko sarcastically quipped "The hawked bastard that kick my ass…demanded that I strip!"

    "Yeah now that's where I draw the line… where is he now?" Sora requested

    "Gone, but he'll be back. If it's my Kamui he wants from me, I'll give a few final words before I leave him begging 'uncle'; one fair warning next time we meet."

    "And that is…?"

    "It's his funeral…"

    "This is exactly the violent behavior Yen Sid warned me about the last time we conversed…" Sora thought, then he said out loud "well, so much for lunch. Where's Mako?"

    They then heard a yawn from behind then and hey turned around to see Mako apparently waking from a nap and greeted "Hi, guys!"

    "What happened to you?" Sora asked

    "Acupuncture needles is what she was filled with." Ryuko recollected "I can't believe they bear a soothing feeling for humans yet an aversive effect against Life Fibers. There should only be three weapons in existence that can do that and then some to Life Fibers: The rending scissors, Satsuki's Secret Sword Bakuzan, and of course the Keyblade."

    "You think there was a miscount on Aikuro's part?"

    "For his sake, it better be accidental because if he's lying to me again I'll cut off my ties with him… and then some" Ryuko threaten despite knowing full well people will wonder how a teacher would disappear so suddenly, while Sora rolled his eyes in response knowing that there was more than one way that the red-streaked hot-head was going with that last part.

[Location: Mankanshuko's Residence; Time: 8:30PM]

    Dinner time was coming to a close for this family as Suyuko was seen cleaning up with everyone else pitching in to do their part as well. Tensions were still fierce to say the least following Ryuko's defeat by what may no doubt be considered a no-star. As she said before, the big guy with the red Mohawk wants her and her alone. Sora was seen in his own thoughts and then said to himself "Ryuko was right after all, they do get better with each subsequent dish."

    She decided to break the silence to hopefully isolate him from the dangers she is going to face and asked "Sora, can I ask a favor of you?"

    "Oh sorry I was in my own world, in a matter of speaking. Anyway, yeah shoot it at me." Sora answered, standing at attention

    "Don't suppose you can go to class without me?"

    "Going to play hooky for a-" he started only to remember what transpired today "Wait a minute! You're going to face 'him' alone, aren't you?" Ryuko simply shook her head up and down as a response "Idiot! If what you say about him beating you without a hint of Life Fibers is true, then a one-on-one fight is just plain suicide."

    "Better to die alone than drag others with me to hell. That's why I have no friends whatsoever."

    "You really do have a heart of gold, but you have to learn to trust others more often."

    "I know that because I know I trust you; hell you're the closet thing I've had to a boyfriend so far." Sora blushed at the very thought but shook his head and kept his resolve and dedication to Kairi strong and true "Yeah, you think a tough chick like me would have had at least half a dozen by now? Anyway can you patrol to make sure no one tries to sneak a peep at me? I'll need that energy for tomorrow." Ryuko asked

    "I've got a better idea…" Sora retorted

[Later after bedtime]

    Sora was seen sleeping the night away with a very satisfied look on his face as he had "sedated" the perverted version of Batman and Robin with a powerful sleeping spell which is scheduled to wear off approximately a half-hour following Ryuko's departure in the morning. He then complimented "Oh magic, how I love you…"

[The next morning (Day 4)]

    Sora was seen waking up to a rather loud noise that occurred in the direction of Ryuko's room. He then saw Bazaro and Mataro scrambling about, no doubt peeved that they didn't get their 'nightly entertainment'. The fact that they are now awake means only one thing but he had to be certain. He went to Suyuko and asked "Hey Ms. Mankanshuko, did Ryuko leave earlier?"

    "Why yes, she left just a half-hour ago. If you leave now I bet you can still catch up to her." She replied sounding as chipper as ever

    "Thanks; I better get ready myself" Sora thanked her then said to himself "Right on time."

[After Sora's departure]

    Sora was seen dashing through the two-star districts on his way to the courtyard. But just as he was so close to rendezvousing with Ryuko against her wishes, he saw some of the club presidents struggling against those red-eyed Heartless and one of them shouted "Hey don't just sit there and watch! Help us out man!" demanded Keruhime, the president of the soccer club

    "I'm on my way!" Sora responded and joined the fray to fend off the Heartless and then added "when did these guys show up!?"

    "I think they been stalking us for some time. The better question would have to be: Where are they coming from?" said Kyūgi Suru, head of the baseball club

    "That's what I intend to find out" Sora determinedly said as before him and the two club heads were six Neoshadows this time, nothing else was with them today. Sora decided Wisdom Form might be a great help as that form also enhances his thought process, allowing him to come up with plans of his own. "Two against one overall odds. Maybe we can get them to each other or something." He thought and decided to try and avoid the attacks from the pair he's against and use this and help coordinate with Kyūgi and Keruhime. "Hit one of them on the side of their head instead of dead center; particularly-!" Sora shouted

    "Ah…" They said in unison as they knew exactly where he was going, then decided to give that advice a try and see what happens. They then launched their Life Fiber enhanced sports balls at the team they stood against; Kyūgi by tossing that ball in the air and then hitting it with a baseball bat which was also LF imbued, while Keruhime did so by kicking it whose shoes were also Life Fiber enhanced.

    As Sora as predicted, their respective blows managed to ricochet off one and onto the other stunning them both with ease. This gave them the ideal opening they needed and decided to close the gap with some old fashioned melee, swinging and kicking the now dazed Neoshadows into submission while Sora was wrapping up the duo he was against and before the teenage athletes knew it, their foes crumbled into nothing while Sora opt to finish this in style with a fire spell, reducing those Neoshadows into nothing as well. "That's Checkmate." Then reverted back to normal

    "You're a real wizard? Dude that's awesome!" said Kyūgi

    "I second that" Keruhime stated

    "Pretty damn cool yourselves; that was some fine aiming you two got." Sora congratulated "Well, I better hurry to the courtyard"

    "Yeah I heard that Matoi chick was going to go at it with the guy that's been messing with our uniforms." Kyūgi said

    [Just minutes later]

    "Nothing but ruin…" Sora thought "the fight most likely happened while I was busy dealing with heartless." Then he heard an explosion and looked its way and noted that said explosion was pink "most peculiar; better check it out, maybe she's there."

    He made his way to where the explosion originated, which happened to be a janitor's closet, and found that it was a complete mess. There he spotted Nonon with ease, who was having quite the fit, and ran up to her. "Damnit! I was so close to getting that Kamui and Scissor Blade for Lady Satsuki! The anti-LF shit be damned" she yelled as quietly as possible to make sure nobody notices. "If only Mohawk McSteroids hadn't stabbed us in the ass… our ultimate plan would have been set for life…"

    Sora decided against questioning what the pinkette was quietly yelling about and simply asked "What happened here?"

    "Slacker Matoi got her ass kicked that's what." Nonon answered

    "Sounds brutal" Sora replied

    "But it looked beautiful." Sora simply sighed at that and took his leave. As he made his way through the now destroyed hallway, he felt a needle hit him in the back of the neck. It didn't seem to contain any poison and he would simply cure himself of any poison anyway. He reached for the back of his head and it had a note. There were directions to a certain location of the city from Mako's house and below that it reads:


Join me at this address tomorrow morning; a certain stripper of a teacher is due for an agonizing neutering.

-You know who

He sighed and then said "You referring to Aikuro only means your suspicion about him was true, Ryuko."

Kingdom Killed Chapter 4: Fitting In
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{Character Relations updated}

{Character Relations Charts}
As of Chapter:

{Satsuki's Secret Journal}

Anyway this is my very first actual Fan fiction, profile of :iconjadenkaiba:'s Magenta aside, that I have been working on for the past month or so now. (before you ask, I have written up to ten fully fleshed out chapters that I'm sure will get your undivided attention; might have to place mature tags on some of them due to severe language and all)

This fiction was something I thought that should be done at some point or another regardless of who does it after seeing some sketches of Sora and Ryuko together. And as far as Fanfictions goes, I am, by all rights, the architect of this breed of X-over! Note me if you want to know the details of what exactly inspired me, you might like your answer.

Decided to tag this as mature (moderate) due to swearing and Ryuko's threat near the end.

Kingdom Hearts © Square Enix, Tetsuya Nomura

Kill la Kill © Hiroyuki Imaishi, Kazuki Nakashima, and Gainax/Trigger
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I just caught wind of GasmaskAvenger wanting have some freelance artist out their that can make fanart of his signature Fanfiction, Maim de Maim. you can find more information here and the Fiction itself here.


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